3 star hotel in San Benedetto for your holidays in Italy

The Hotel Canguro is really close to Porto d’Ascoli and it is known to be one of the best hotels on the beach in the Marche, appreciated Region in the center of Italy.

Ascoli Piceno and its Province are a stretch of land in the Marche that spreads for fifty kilometers from the East to the West and for only fiftheen kilometers from the North to the South.

Its reduced size and the big diversity of the ambients that a tourist can find here, make this Region of Italy one of the most attractive destinations to be reached for all who want holidays on the beach but are also looking for culture, big entertainment shows, excursions in a pristine landscape, arts and crafts and an excellent cooking tradition. It is possible indeed to find all this and much more in the middle of the Adriatic Coast, at only 150 kilometers from Rome.

The our, is among the 3 star hotels in the hearth of the Marche Region, in Italy, that offers the chance to have a holiday halfway between the sea and the mountains and that will allow to appreciate our extraordinary territory.

From our hotel You could leave for wonderful excursions in the inland of the Marche ( Italy) and so visit Medieval villages such as Acquaviva Picena, Monteprandone and Ascoli Piceno.